A new version of worksheet 4 (with solution of Ex 2) is online. (15.11.13)
A corrected version of worksheet 7 is online. (5.12.13)
A new version of worksheet 9 is online. (18.12.13)

Calculus and Linear Algebra (for Biomedical Engineering)

Dipl.-Math. Michael Hoschek
phone: +49 (0)241 80 94996
e-mail: hoschek
room SG 21a (1810|021)
Seminargebäude (building 1810)
Wüllnerstr. 5b
office hours
whenever the door is open
mon, 14:15h - 15:45h, room SG 23 (1810|023)
first lecture: 21/10/2013

thu, 12:15h - 13:45h, room SG 23 (1810|023)
first exercise: 17/10/2013
(Attendance at the exercises is compulsory)
general information about the course
The topics will be presented in a theoretical manner, together with various examples illustrating the theory. More examples are treated on the worksheets.
type: oral exam
date: 14.03.2014
hour: tba
venue: tba

lecture notes
The notes based on the lectures written by Dr. Dirk Meierling. They do not contain any remarks or examples given in the lecture.
PDF01.Numbers.pdf179.333 KB
PDF02.Complete Induction.pdf96.41 KB
PDF03.Matrices.pdf105.269 KB
PDF04.Linear equations.pdf127.796 KB
PDF05.Vectors and Spans.pdf119.296 KB
PDF06.Determinant.pdf113.354 KB
PDF07.Eigenvectors and Eigenvalues.pdf94.733 KB
PDF08.Mappings.pdf99.196 KB
PDF09.Sequences.pdf112.115 KB
PDF10.Series.pdf107.032 KB
PDF11.Continuity.pdf105.47 KB
PDF12.Differentiability.pdf118.054 KB
PDF13.Applications of Differentiability.pdf122.585 KB
PDF14.Special Functions.pdf102.913 KB
PDF15.Integration.pdf126.936 KB
PDF16.Improper Integrals.pdf91.373 KB
PDF17.Differential equations.pdf122.335 KB
PDFtopics.pdf61.275 KB
G. Strang: Linear Algebra and Its Applications
G. Strang: Calculus
E. Kreyszig: Advanced Engineering Mathematics
R. Marazzato: Exercises on Calculus and Linear Algebra
K. Stroud: Engineering Mathematics
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